7 Ways To Paint Your Kid’s Bedroom in Washington, MI

Painting your kid’s bedroom must be one of the exciting journeys as a parent but also one of the challenging one!

Your goal is to bring fresh, youthful energy to the decor without disregarding the essential practical aspects of your child.

Moreover, giving paint to your child’s bedroom can stimulate their imaginations which makes their childhood memorable.

These 7 ways to paint your kid’s bedroom in Washington, MI will help you create a beautiful and useful haven that your child will love to spend time in.

1. Chalkboard paints

If you want your kids to have a fun space for themselves chalk paint is the best deal!

This type of paint lets your child draw and paint with chalk extending the fun long past the initial paint job.

Just be careful, in painting the entire room because it may result in a darker and dimmer area.

So it is much better if you have accent walls where it can be contrasted by light colors so the overall effect on a room will still be engaging and livelier.

2. Pastel Colors

If your goal is to make your child relax when going to bed- well pastel colors is the right option for you.

Using pastel colors will add a delicate touch to the bedroom and allow for extensive style changes as your child grows, without the need to repaint.

Some of the most commonly used pastel colors are pale yellows, blues, greens, and tans which are very calming and relaxing in the eyes.

3. Color Blocking

Kids are very creative and imaginative! If you want to stimulate and create an atmosphere in which their imagination and wit can be awaked! A color blocking is the best deal!

Use color blocking to paint abstract shapes for added character and/or zone different spaces in your little one’s bedroom.

Having a colorful corner for playtime or a relaxing neutral for a reading nook can make your kid’s bedroom one of a kind!

4. Make Stripes

Paint walls with stripes rendered in easy-on-the-eye color blends to give kids’ bedroom staying power.

Also, you may opt to make a single stripe to add a pop of color, while still maintaining a room’s simplicity.

Moreover, if you want a dramatic stripe effect, you can go with more than two hues or colors such as a wide green stripe, a narrow pink stripe, and a wide green stripe.

5. Dark colors

Painting your kid’s bedroom dark colors may be a great way to make your creative and innovative minds start!

Painting one wall a dark navy or black can create the look of a night sky creating a sleepy, calm finish, perfect for bedtime.

You may use star stickers to make it more engaging and natural especially at bedtime.

But if you prefer to have light colors on their walls, you may still try this in the ceiling, to create the illusion of night sky.

6. Mural Arts

If you have talents with arts or drawing- mural designs will make your kid’s bedroom state-of-the-art!

You may choose your child’s favorite picture, to create a starting point for a wall design.

Having mural paints will make their bedroom more pleasing to them and stimulate their imaginative minds.

7. Go Geometric

If you need shared room ideas, geometric designs are a fashionable solution.

You can combine your child’s multiple favorite colors which can be eye-catching for boys and girls alike.

Block out shapes with painter’s tape across an entire wall or stick with a single accent stripe that leaves some white space.

You may also try a repeating triangle design, cubes, or giant triangle making it more colorful and interesting.

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