Interior Painting Romeo, MI: Critical Rules and Tips to Keep In Mind.

Have you decided to upgrade your interior paint? From the choice of paint to the preparation of the surface through the application technique, we share the basic rules you need to follow for a successful and durable paint job.

Let’s get in right away:

Interior Painting: Buy the Appropriate Material
Choose brushes preferably in raw wood and having a good grip.
Be sure to choose synthetic bristles for water-based paint and natural silk or wool bristles for oil-based paint.
Reserve the rollers for lacquers, glossy paints, and anti-drips for ceilings.

Interior Painting: Calculate the Right Volume of Paint Needed

If you’re hiring a painting contractor, he will calculate the necessary volume of paint himself.
On the other hand, if you do the work yourself, before buying the paint, measure each wall and ceiling of the rooms you want to paint as follows: length of the wall (x) width of the wall to be painted.

Note: Do not forget to take into account the ceilings if you plan to paint them. To be sure you have a sufficient amount of interior paint, check the hiding power of your paint.

Choose The Interior Paint According To The Room And Use

Opt for oil-based paint or water-repellent paint for damp rooms (bathroom – kitchen), its formula being resistant to humidity.
There are also special paints for rooms particularly subject to high levels of humidity.

In terms of finishes, satin paint is generally more suitable for living rooms while matt finish paint is generally intended for bedrooms.
If in doubt, a professional will be able to direct you to the product that best suits your needs and your budget.

Interior Painting: Choose Paint Color

Choosing the right paint color is often a matter of taste and trend.
However, some basic rules exist, such as favoring light colors in small spaces and reserving the darkest colors for walls with doors and windows.
Another rule to keep in mind: Don’t vary more than 2-3 colors in shades (in the same color range) to avoid an overly patched effect in the decor.

Interior Painting: Pay attention to Quality

Before choosing the paint, take the time to read the technical sheets.
You can always opt for economical paints, but remember to check that the paint will work well for your surface.
Does the product has the necessary performance qualities? For all delicate painting work (wet rooms, special rendering for decoration, etc.), it is nevertheless advisable to opt for higher ranges and pay a little more.
It will be the best guarantee of quality and durability over time.

Surface Preparation

Before applying paint to the walls and ceiling, you need to prepare them.
If they are too damaged, you can consider fixing a faulty ceiling or sanding the walls.
In most cases, you will just have to clean and fill the holes.
Surface preparation will allow you to obtain a quality interior paint job.

Interior Painting: Consult a Professional

If you don’t have the skills, tools, and experience to do interior painting, consider hiring a painting contractor in Romeo, MI.

Be sure to hire a painting contractor that is reliable, honest, and efficient, has sufficient interior painting experience, and uses high-quality paints.
If you haven’t identified a professional painter for your project yet, our team at Eason Painting can help.

We have years of experience offering residential interior painting services in Macomb Township, Washington Township, Ray Township, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Romeo, Armada, Troy, Shelby Township, Harrison Township, Chesterfield, and Clinton Township, MI.

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