Interior Painting Rochester, MI: Living Room Color Ideas for 2020

Changing furnishings is expensive. This is even more true when it comes to living room furniture.
How many times in the past year, while consulting magazines or Pinterest, have you had the urge to change the decoration of your living room?
Your answer is probably between 10 and 50.

Do you want to redecorate everything? To start from scratch? To follow trends? Then Paint.
It’s a simple way to keep up with the trend without breaking the bank.
To inspire you in your decoration, here are the color trends for the living room you can adopt in 2020.


For our first living room color idea, we offer you an emerald green.
Pulling slightly on blue, it is a color that recalls nobility.
For decor and a cozy atmosphere, we like to blend it with velvet or even gilding to bring out the rich side of the color.


Between pink and orange, there is peach.
The peach color will give an air of softness and freshness to your living room.
If you’re not a fan of brown, consider pairing it with burgundy or other shades of pink. To keep a more classic decor, the peach color is very pretty paired with gray or black.

Dark Gray

Even gray has been ubiquitous for the last few years. There is a multitude of shades that are still unexploited.
Dark gray is less intense than black, and it will be more suitable for large spaces since this shade tends to darken small rooms or spaces with little light.
If you plan on painting your room very dark gray, make sure you have enough light and match the shade with white accessories and a lighter cutout.
This will create light points to balance the decor.
Just like when painting with black, make sure you have a matte finish to prevent your dark wall from being too shiny.


Plants and nature are in the spotlight in 2020 despite all that is happening around us. Sage is a fairly cold color that requires the addition of materials such as sandstone or wood to warm the decor.
Whether for your planter covers, your rug, or wall decoration, the sage color goes perfectly with the macramé trend.
Would you like to match it with another color? Consider greige, a shade between gray and beige.
Together, these two shades will take you to the heart of nature.


If you want a unique decor, purple is for you.
Are you a fan of this color? If so, know that painting a room purple can help calm your anxiety and manage stress.
Your living room will turn into a place of relaxation. For a cozy atmosphere, pair it with dark accessories.

Whether you decide to redo your decor completely, or just change a few accessories, you can get inspiration from our 2020 color trends for your living room.
Go ahead, try out any of these suggestions.

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