Repainting Your Kitchen: Great Tips To Keep in Mind in Richmond, MI.

Our kitchens are subjected to tons of factors daily since this is a place that we use daily to prepare and cook our food.

So, it naturally will, in time, need to have a fresh coat of paint.

Repainting your kitchen is important not only because of its aesthetic appeal but also because you want to cook and be in a kitchen that feels clean and is actually clean.

So, if you’re currently planning to repaint your kitchen and looking for tips on doing it, here’s something to help you along the way.

To guide you in your painting project here’s Repainting Your Kitchen: Great Tips To Keep in Mind in Richmond, MI.

1. Clean Your Kitchen First

In repainting your kitchen, you need to keep in mind to give your kitchen a thorough cleaning first.

Because of our kitchen’s proximity to grease, moisture, water, and many other gunks that may stick to it and make it dirty, you will want to get them removed first before you apply any coat of paint to your kitchen walls.

You can opt to use your old handy brush and some kind of detergent to scrub and wash down your walls; however, just make sure that you dry off your walls completely before applying any painting materials to them.

This is important because doing surface preparation is vital to your painting project’s success, and keep in mind that most paint problems that arise later on stem from a lack of or poor surface preparation.

So, if you don’t want to revisit your kitchen repainting project anytime soon, do the right thing and clean your kitchen walls first.

2. Free Your Kitchen Of All Appliances and Furniture

Your kitchen will definitely be jam-packed with various appliances and furniture, and you’d want to get them removed from your kitchen temporarily so you won’t have any distractions or blockages as you paint.

In a painting project, it would be much better to have as much space to freely move as possible because you are handling paint, and paint drips and spills are very much of a risk – and this risk increases if you have any appliances and furniture blocking your way.

Aside from the paint spills risk, you also put your appliance and furniture at risk of getting splattered with paint – which will be tiring to fix later on.

For any fixed appliances or furniture, such as your cabinets and other kitchen essentials, you’ll want to cover them up with a drop cloth so you don’t get any paint drips on them as you paint your walls.

3. Make Sure To Inspect Your Kitchen Walls’ Surface First

Before painting your kitchen, do not forget to inspect your kitchen walls’ surface first.

Because your kitchen walls will be subjected to tons of factors that might break or tear them down, such as moisture, grease, and grime, you’ll want to inspect your walls first for any sign of cracks, molds, and holes, and patch them up accordingly.

It is important that you get them fixed first because no paint nor primer will ever have the ability to cover them up alone, and while painting over them will make them less noticeable, it is not the definitive solution for them.

4. Get The Best Paint Color

In painting your kitchen, you have to keep in mind to consider the present colors in your kitchen when choosing a paint color to use.

It is important that you consider the present colors in your kitchen because you want to have a cohesive appeal and finish to your kitchen.

You do not want to end up with a kitchen that feels like a weird mish-mash of colors that do not match and blend well, so make sure to get the best paint color for your kitchen.

To have an idea of which colors work best, you’d want to check color palettes and design inspirations available online.

5. Have a Backup Kitchen

By having a painting project in your kitchen, it renders your kitchen off-limits temporarily – and for a room that receives so much traffic daily, it would be a big disadvantage.

So, in painting your kitchen, you’ll want to have a backup kitchen where you can temporarily cook and prepare your food.

This is important because you’ll need to use your kitchen for your various needs daily, so you’ll want to have a temporary space that can act as your kitchen to continue doing your daily kitchen tasks there.


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