Tips for Renovating an Old House in Harrison Twp. MI

Woodwork, cornices, shelters, pediment cubicles, guardrails in cut shingles, wall and roof coverings with old materials, sash windows, dormers, doors in joinery assembly, gallery posts, balcony, traditional joinery, wrought iron fence, spiral staircase: the abundance of decorative elements of an old house steeped in history gives it a character that we wish to keep, at least in part.

The solutions to the problems of older homes cannot be found in supermarkets.
Very few people have the necessary expertise in this area.

Tips for Renovating an Old House

Although you might expect it, you should check with your municipality if the building you want to renovate has a special status.
Some municipalities have a department that oversees architectural heritage preservation, so you may have to follow specific rules if your home is classified as a heritage building.
These rules aim to preserve the house’s original appearance and therefore limit the nature of the modifications that can be made to it.

Develop a Realistic Renovation Plan

At the same time, please find out about the programs offered; you could benefit from grants intended for owners who want to preserve their residence’s heritage character. Once you have checked, you must prioritize the renovations to be carried out.

Improving energy efficiency or solidifying the structure, for example, are major jobs that should be at the top of your list.
Also, the replacement of the roof is part of the work that cannot really be postponed. Since it can be difficult to bear the costs of carrying out multiple projects in one year, developing a plan is essential if you don’t want to take on too much debt.

Contact the contractor responsible for the work.

If you retain the services of a general contractor who knows the materials and masters the techniques to be used, he must be able to explain the reasons for his choices, to discuss with you each problem encountered in due course as well as possible solutions.
It would be best if you felt confident. This collaboration is essential for the result to correspond to your desires.
In the field of maintenance, renovation, and restoration of heritage buildings, mistakes can be costly.

Some examples of Possible renovation Jobs

Joining the stones

Often the foundation walls of old houses are made of stone. This can be a disadvantage in the spring, as water from melting snow can seep through a crack.
Whether it is to prevent flooding in your basement or restore it to its original plume, it is recommended to repoint your foundations’ stones.

Maintenance of Painted Surfaces

The maintenance of painted surfaces is done first by washing with water and vinegar; then, you must prepare the surfaces to be painted, paying particular attention to cornices and sheet metal roofs subjected to bad weather.
Moisture can cause materials to rust or mold.

To prepare the surface, you choose three stripping methods: mechanical, thermal, and chemical.
There are several paint scrapers for manual stripping, but it is better to opt for the longest handle possible, 60 cm long.
This technique is followed by sanding with a rough paper then medium.

With the long and grueling step of stripping completed, you need to caulk and correct the wear and tear damage to the exterior siding.
A wood siding will often exhibit defects such as rotting spots, cracks, or the like in certain places.

To repair them, you must cut a piece of wood plank that will largely cover the defect, the outline of which you will trace on the part of the wall to be replaced.
Cut the part to be changed with a sharp chisel. After checking that the piece fits into the cavity, coat it with waterproof glue, and apply it inside the cavity to stick them together.
Attach a few finishing nails and remove the excess with a chisel and sandpaper.

Now that the surfaces are even, you can now apply a primer for painting afterward. Nowadays, the paint available on the market is of better quality, so it hides more and lasts longer, resists mold, and has an aesthetic finish with more shine.

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