Interior Painting Rochester, MI: Bathroom Paint Color Ideas

When it comes to choosing a paint color, the process can seem long and arduous.
The difference in lighting, the cold colors versus the warm ones, and whether the color will be too dark when it finally dries are all factors to consider.

In the bathroom, it can be normal to lack imagination when planning your color scheme. Even if you have a large area, ideas can come more quickly when you think of the living room rather than the bathroom.

However, with a few ideas and importations, you can put together a striking color palette, here are some ideas to get you started;

Bright white/Warm white

You might as well start this list with the essential: the timeless white. Perfect for a smaller space or for a better effect, pure white is a safe option for you.

In the absence of cool white (perfect for a room with natural light), a warm color can complement a small space that is darker than normal.
Some examples of variations for this one are beige, buff, or linen.

Powder Blue/Gray Blue

Pastel colors are trending this year, and several choices are available in this range of colors for a softer and warmer space.
Starting with blue, this shade brings back the tranquility and clarity of the sky.


Being lightweight and neutral in tone, pistachio green is simple, yet elegant.
This color, accompanied by cream tones, will give a soft and rustic appearance to your bathroom.

Mint green

A little more daring, mint green will guarantee you a touch of originality that will revive your room.
Like a breeze of freshness, the color will give a boost to the room while soothing very sunny rooms.

Pale yellow/Bright yellow

While it can be difficult to envision a completely yellow room, a pastel shade could soften the space.
This color is perfect to pair with warm whites and gold accessories to provide a finishing touch.

Blush pink/Peach

In the same category as yellow, a delicate pink invokes comfort and softness, while adding a subtle touch of color.
Great to accompany cold whites, accessories in golden colors will complement the final result.

Burnt Orange/Terracotta

These warm, earthy tones are reminiscent of fall and are heartwarming hues.
Perfect as an accent color for your cabinets or some walls in the room.


If you want a compromise between white and a splash of color, taupe is an interesting option without being obvious.
Being discreet, this shade can easily match the porcelain in your bathroom.


Whether dark or ashy, gray, when paired with white, can add a poignant contrast to your bathroom.
If you have moldings in your room, you can create a cutout with them painted white or simply leave the ceiling as such.


Yes, you read that right
Black is in the game and is making a comeback. Its advantage is that it is perfect for integrating more graphic and minimalist accessories such as a white sink or white and black geometric tile.
For a game of textures, apply it to brick or wood.

However, it is best to go for this color if you have a window in the room.
Otherwise, you will need to make sure that your light source is of cool shade.

The Bottom-line

Painting your bathroom is an ideal way to freshen up your dull and faded walls and also increase the value of your home.

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