7 Mistakes to Avoid When Painting Your Bathroom in Romeo, MI

Painting your bathroom can be a quite difficult DIY home project since it has a small space to work with.

You also have to deal with its humidity, so painting it can be a lot worse than you have expected.

Fortunately, there are mistakes that can be avoided if you have proper knowledge about what you’re doing.

Here are 7 mistakes to avoid when painting your bathroom in Romeo, MI.

1. Not Doing Any Prep Work

Even professional painters say that the time needed for preparing your bathroom is twice the time needed for painting it.

Spend some time doing prep works such as cleaning the area, removing wall decoration, wrapping your doorknobs with plastic, and putting drop cloths on your bathroom floor.

By doing all the necessary prep works, you can expect better results from your bathroom painting job.

2. Choose the Right Sheen

Choosing the right sheen is very important when it comes to your bathroom painting project.

Keep in mind that a higher level of paint sheen means that it is more durable and reflective.

An eggshell or semi-gloss product has the ability to stand up to higher levels of moisture.

When you’re dealing with bathrooms, an eggshell or semi-gloss product is the best option. 

3. Not Washing The Walls

The walls of your bathroom usually accumulate dirt and grime especially if you didn’t bother cleaning it for a long time.

To get started, use a vacuum to remove the dust from your walls, then apply a quality degreaser to wipe off the dirt.

You can make a degreaser by yourself at home as well, simply mix two cups of vinegar with a gallon of warm water.

Wipe the walls from top to bottom and make sure that you cover even the tight corners of your bathroom.

4. Walls Are Not Completely Dry

One of the most common mistakes that DIYers should avoid is painting the walls that are not completely dry.

It may be hard to determine the time needed for your bathroom to get totally dry, but you need to be patient so that painting your bathroom will be more effective.

Turn on the fan, and leave the door and window open so that the air will be able to circulate and clear out any dampness from your surface.

It’s not wise to attempt painting your bathroom even if the walls are still wet, you’ll just end up wasting your effort.

5. Rushing the Second Coat

After applying the first coat, give the paint enough time to dry before applying your second coat.

Rushing the second coat can just ruin your painting job and you might have to redo everything.

To avoid this mistake, you’ll just have to be patient and make sure to let the first layer of paint dry.

Remember that you cannot rush perfection, so if you want to achieve the best results, learn to wait.

6. Buying Cheap Tools

Buying cheap tools is tempting, but it is never an option when we talk about painting your bathroom.

Using cheap and low-quality tools, in reality, can give you undesirable results, which can be avoided by using high-quality tools.

You should also consider matching your brushes with your paint; synthetic bristles are for latex, while natural brushes are for oil-based paints.

7. Skipping Priming the Walls

One thing that you should never skip doing when painting your bathroom is priming your walls, especially that your space is wet and humid.

Applying primer to your bathroom walls will provide you with a smooth and blank surface for your new paint color to adhere to.

Skipping priming the walls can result in the peeling of your new paint as soon as you applied it.

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