Tips For Doing A Fence Repainting Project in Rochester, MI

Every now and then, we must treat our fences with a fresh coat of paint – after all, it is the first thing that people will see of our home, so we should maintain its overall appeal to keep a good impression.

So, if you’re currently planning on doing so, here’s something you will find quite useful.

Here are Tips For Doing A Fence Repainting Project.

1. Check Weather Conditions Before Your Project

In doing a fence repainting project, one of the most critical things that you should do in preparation to do so would be to check the weather conditions before you actually do your painting project.

Because your fence is technically outside of your home, weather conditions play such a huge role in determining the schedule of your fence repainting project.

Ideally, you would want to allot a week to do your project and ensure that there won’t be any sudden rainfall during the week you’ve chosen to do your fence repainting project.

A painting project and rain won’t mix very well, so make sure to look for a clear, humid, sunny week to do your project on weather forecasts.

Additionally, doing your fence repainting project on a clear, humid weather will help it dry faster – which helps because you will want to make your fences up and running as soon as possible!

2. Acquire The Right Type of Paint

In every painting project, there is a designated kind of paint that you need to acquire for it – and your latest painting project is no exception to this.

Out in the market, there are so many kinds of paint available, made to cater to so many different surfaces that you can paint on – it may be wood, metal, concrete, smooth glossy surfaces, or may it be for interior or exterior – so you should make sure to acquire the right type of paint for the fences you have at home.

While you can figure this out on your own, this would be done best with the advice of a paint professional, as they will be able to lead you to the best and right choices.

3. Get Primer

In every painting project, the primer will always be essential, and your fence repainting project is certainly no exception to this – in fact, the application of primer is even more needed when you’re repainting your fences.

For starters, the primer will ensure that your fences’ coat of paint will have increased durability, and since your fences are located outside of your home this is even more needed to battle various external occurrences that might break it down.

Additionally, the primer will make your coat of paint adhere better to the surface and make your chosen paint color look more vibrant, which is essentially what you want in painting your fences.

4. Ensure That All Your Exterior Fixtures Are Out Of The Way

In painting your fences, you should make sure that all exterior fixtures and furniture are out of your way.

This includes any plants near your fences or any exterior fixtures and decoration that might get in your way of painting your fences.

Ideally, you would want to temporarily relocate them to ensure that you have a freer space to move into as you paint your fences and to avoid getting paint splatters all over them.

Additionally, for plants near your fences that are firmly rooted on the ground, you will want to cut them down so they won’t obstruct your way in painting your fences.

5. Proper Surface Preparation Is A Must

Lastly, in repainting your fences, you must remember to do proper surface preparation first.

Proper surface preparation is important because your fences will undoubtedly have some kind of dirt buildup in them, which you will want to remove before applying any coat of primer or paint on them.


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