Mistakes To Avoid In Painting Your Bedroom Cabinets in Rochester, MI

While it can be extremely easy and straightforward to paint your bedroom cabinets, it is still very easy to set yourself up for failure if you go through it hastily.

Thus, making sure to avoid some of the most common mistakes you might make in your bedroom cabinet painting project is crucial to achieving a successful project.

So, without further ado, take a look at these Mistakes To Avoid In Painting Your Bedroom Cabinets.

1. Skipping the Prep Work

In doing a bedroom cabinet painting project, or really any painting project at all, skipping prep work will be a mistake that could put your whole project at stake.

This is because proper preparation will lay the necessary foundation that will propel your project to success, thus, skipping proper preparation will literally set you up for failure.

So, to do this, you’ll want to do two things: prepare your bedroom cabinets and the nearby space, and your cabinet’s surface.

First, you’ll want to clear your bedroom cabinets of everything that may be stored in there – things such as clothes, towels, and other bedroom essentials that you may have kept on your cabinets.

Then, you’ll also want to prepare the space near your cabinets by laying down drop cloths in the area, to avoid getting those pesky paint drips and spills that will be a hassle to clean up.

After that, you’ll want to do proper surface preparation by cleaning your cabinet’s surface, inspecting it for any signs of physical damage, and getting them fixed if there are any.

This is important so you can ensure a smooth paint finish in the end.

2. Hastily Choosing A Paint Color

There’s a lot that goes into deciding on a paint color to use for your bedroom cabinets, and it will be so easy to bring home the wrong choice and regret it afterward.

So, hastily choosing a paint color and not thinking about it more than you should is a mistake you should not be making.

To choose a paint color properly, here are the two factors you should be thinking of: the lighting present in the space you’re painting, and the surrounding colors present.

Lighting will have a significant effect on how your paint color will eventually look, thus, you should make sure to check paint samples under the right lighting – which in this case, is the lighting present in your bedroom!

You can also acquire samples of your chosen paint color/s and test them on a small portion of your bedroom cabinets – this way you can see how the lighting present in this space influences these colors, and decide accordingly.

The colors present in your bedroom are also a significant factor to consider in your decision, since you’ll want to paint your cabinets with a color that goes well with them, allowing for an overall cohesive appeal.

3. Rushing Through Coats

A painting project is indeed a project that would require your patience, thus, rushing to paint your cabinets would be a costly mistake on your part.

Rushing through your painting process can lead to uneven coverage, drips, and a generally abysmal paint finish – and one that you are bound to redo and repeat, which is just a hassle!

So, in painting your cabinets, take your time and apply thin, even coats of paint, allowing each coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next.

Remember that patience is key to ensuring a smooth finish and preventing the need for redoing and revisiting your project all over again.

4. Forgetting To Remove Your Cabinet Doors

In doing a bedroom cabinet painting project, a mistake that is very easy to commit would be removing your cabinet doors.

When they are left on your cabinets, your doors can be especially on study to paint on, making it hard for you to put an even coat on them.

Thus to make things easier, it will be better to temporarily remove your cabinet doors and lay them flat on a surface, where they will be much more stable and it will be much easier to put a coat of paint on them.

However, do make sure to keep all the necessary hardware in place, such as bolts, screws, and metal plates, so you can put your doors up with no problem after the paint has dried.



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