6 Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying Paint in Washington, MI

Buying paint can both be a fun and draining experience to undergo.

On one side, it can be fun to skim through paint samples and choose between thousands of variations of paint, and just see all the creative possibilities in your head in a kaleidoscopic array – it is indeed exciting to be fully in control of the creative direction of your painting project.

But on the other side, it is such a tiring experience to be continually going to your local paint store to get the right kind of paint, because the first time around, you just chose the first thing you saw and called it a day – which both doubles your effort and expense.

So, in order to ensure that your experience of buying paint will stay on the happy side, you must research first on tips to keep in mind when buying paint – it would be better to undergo the hassle of researching first than to be hassled by the double effort and cost expense later.

If you’re currently scouring the net for tips in buying paint, you’re in the right place.

Here are 6 Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying Paint in Washington, MI.

1. Know How Much Paint You’ll Need

In buying paint, you must know beforehand how much paint you’ll be needing, so you’ll know the exact amount of cans you’ll only be buying.

It is important that even early in the preparation, you are certain of these little things because a painting project tends to be expensive – and little to no preparation causes problems, and problems definitely cost money.

Additionally, it would be such a waste of precious resources to buy so much paint that you’ll only end up not using in the end.

2. Choose a Paint Color Carefully

There are thousands upon thousands of shades, colors, and variations of paint color out there, and it is indeed easy to get overwhelmed in the magnitude of it, so better come prepared and have a color in mind when buying paint.

Beforehand, you should be thinking about what colors will match great with your furniture, or which pair (can also be a trio or more) of colors will complement and blend well.

You can refer to color palettes and design inspirations online so you can have a visual basis on which colors will complement well in reality, rather than just in theory – just give it a quick skim to find just which one you’ll like!

3. Test Paint Color On the Surface

When you have a paint color in mind and found a can of it in your local paint store, don’t buy cans of it yet – test the paint color first on the surface you’re planning to paint it on.

This is because lighting plays a huge role in making paint appear, a certain shade might look shades darker or lighter under various lighting.

So to make sure that the color you’ve chosen will look good under the present lighting, test it first.

4. Consider Paint Sheen

Another tip you must keep in mind when buying paint is sheen.

Paint sheen determines the level of light reflected off the painted surface – in simpler words, how much your paint shines.

The sheen affects the paint finish’s appearance and durability – as the sheen increases, so does the enamel value, which determines the protective value of the coating.

Usually, paint sheen is up to personal preference, but it is recommended that the higher the traffic in the area you’re planning to paint on, the higher the sheen should be for easier cleaning and longer durability.


5. Look Into Self Priming Paint

Just like what it says, self-priming paint is paint that is both primer and paint combined, so you won’t have to go through the extra hassle of buying a can of paint and primer separately.

Additionally, investing in self-priming paint can also cut down your time and effort, as you won’t need to apply a coat of primer and paint separately anymore – you can just paint right away with this kind of paint!

However, self-priming paint can be expensive, so if you’re planning to invest in this, make sure ahead of time that it will fit with your budget.

6.  Invest in Quality Paint

Lastly, when buying paint, avoid falling into the trap of opting for cheaper, low-quality alternatives in hopes to “save money”.

Buying low-quality paint may seem like you’re saving money, but in reality, this can just double your expense in the long run, since low-quality paint will obviously not last long and will be needing a fix sooner or later – which you will have to pay for again.

Better to spend more by investing in quality paint now, and enjoy a longer-lasting paint job that you will not be needing to spend on anytime soon.


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