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2022-10-25 Eason Painting Romeo MI Reasons Why You Should Paint Your Floor With Epoxy

Reasons Why You Should Paint Your Floor With Epoxy in Romeo, MI

Reasons Why You Should Paint Your Floor With Epoxy in Romeo, MI

If you have been noticing that your floors seem to be in bad shape lately, then maybe it is time that you rejuvenate them into something more beautiful and exciting – perhaps, an epoxy flooring?

Painting your floors with epoxy comes with a lot of benefits, and if you’re currently still debating whether or not painting your floor with epoxy will be the right way to go in renovating your floors, here’s something to help you in your decision.

Here are the Reasons Why You Should Paint Your Floor With Epoxy.

1. Epoxy Floors Have A Glossy Finish

Epoxy gives your floor a gorgeous glossy surface that may quickly transform the interior of your house into a stunning, magnificent space.

To paint your floor, you may select from a variety of hues, textures, and architectural styles.

(Personal preference: I would want to paint my flooring the prettiest color of white with a glittering, shimmer finish, to give off an air of ethereality and heavenly vibes!)

Epoxy floor paint may also be used to cover up defects or filth that were embedded in your previous floor, doing it not just quickly but also elegantly.

In having epoxy floors, you can transform your plain flooring into a sparkling, crystal-like surface that appears to have come right out of a dream by choosing to paint them with epoxy!

2. Epoxy Floors Are Sturdy And Long-Lasting

Epoxy flooring is not just stunning in appearance; they are also sturdy, and extremely long-lasting!

With the right maintenance and proper care, your epoxy floors could last you up to 10 years!

Additionally, you won’t need to be concerned about cracks or chips anytime soon because epoxy flooring is meant to be durable and resistant to oil, heat, and water.

Epoxy floors can also readily withstand stress, impact, and weight, and they will maintain their brand-new appearance for a very long period.

If you just give them a sweep and a swipe from time to time, you can keep its beauty and shine for such a long time!

3. Epoxy Floors Are Cheaper

Not only do you benefit from having fantastic flooring when you paint your floor with epoxy, but you also save money.

This is because simply painting your floor with epoxy is less expensive than ripping up your old floor and renovating them completely, which will inevitably be pricey if you include the cost of materials and labor.

Epoxy flooring, in this case, is the simplest and cheapest option for renovating your flooring.

Also, if you think about it, you also get to save money each year since you won’t have to redo painting your epoxy flooring since it is indeed durable and long-lasting.

To top it off, you even get to save on upkeeping since epoxy flooring will be so easy to clean, you can just do it yourself!

4. Epoxy Floors Are Extremely Low-Maintenance

Another benefit that you can get out of deciding to paint your floors with epoxy will be the fact that epoxy floors are extremely low-maintenance.

It will be much easier to clean any dust or dirt that may be present on your floors since a sweep will be enough to retain their glassy-like appearance.

In retrospect, maintaining epoxy floors is extremely easy, you won’t even have to go through the hassle of worrying about cleaning day or getting professionals to clean your floors!

Epoxy flooring is also resistant to bacteria and germs, making them simple to clean and sanitize.

5. Epoxy Floors Are Environmentally Friendly

Epoxy is a substance that requires few resources to create, which makes them environmentally friendly and helps save precious resources.

Your epoxy floor won’t corrode, emit toxins into the air, or disintegrate once it has dried up.

Additionally, it requires the least amount of materials are needed and epoxy flooring lasts the longest, which ultimately saves money and time.

What more could one ask for? It is inexpensive, easy to use, lasts a long time, and is environmentally friendly!


If you need professional help with your interior painting project, Eason Painting can help.

Our home interior painting services are available in Washington Township, Rochester, Romeo, Shelby Township, Harrison Township, and Clinton Township, MI.

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4 Tips for Maintaining Your Epoxy Flooring

Do you have epoxy floor coatings in your home or industrial space in Clinton, Michigan? Do you know proper maintenance and care procedures for your particular floor? Keeping your epoxy floor well maintained is fairly easy and has numerous benefits to your property. Some of the benefits include:

• Safety and Performance –if you have any industry or commercial epoxy floor, safety is extremely important. Many times, your floor will need to be waterproof, slip-resistant and/or offer static control for ultimate performance and safety; so proper maintenance is key.

• Appearance: if your floor has decorative high performance or custom industrial coating, it’s important to maintain its good looks. Finishes, special coatings, and logos on the floor impact your environment. Pristine floor appearance is particularly important in retail and commercial locations.

• Durability: most floors often require occasional re-coat or touch-up depending on the usage and traffic. But, appropriate upkeep and care can ensure that your epoxy floor lasts longer before requiring major repairs. Simple maintenance and care routine will keep your floor looking new for years.

Your professional epoxy flooring installer might offer specific procedures and methods for maintaining your particular flooring system. In the meantime, here are general tips you can use to care for your floors:

  1. Sweep the Floor Everyday
    This is probably the simplest way to keep your epoxy floor clean, extend its lifespan and avert any potential damages. Daily sweeping prevents buildup up of dirt especially in high traffic areas. You want to remove particles and substances that damage your floor and keep your working or living environment safe. For this, you can simply use a soft indoor broom or a dust mop.
  2. Wash the Floor Regularly
    One of the much sort after properties of epoxy coatings is that they seal the porous concrete and make it much easier to clean. If you use your garage or workspace for messy projects, your epoxy floor may develop scuffs and marks. Deep cleaning as soon as possible is required to prevent permanent floor damage. For deep cleaning, mopping with hot water and ammonia is recommended for keeping your floor clean. Use 120ml of ammonia in every 4L of water. Soap and acid-based cleaners should not be used as they often damage and dull the floor.
  3. Treat Stains Immediately
    Other than presenting an immediate safety hazard, spills can be damaging to your floor depending on the type of material. Acids, oils, harsh solvents and caustics can damage your floor coating if not immediately removed.
    Wipe off spills on your floor with a soft cloth or paper towel immediately to avoid staining your surface. If the floor has tougher stains such as rust, you can use a kitchen scrubbing pad and hot water to gently scrub them away. Just never use abrasive cleaning products or chemicals on your epoxy floor.
  4. Keep Sharp Objects Away
    If you have installed high-performance flooring, you can be assured of the best puncture and scratch resistance. However, depending on how you use your floor, occasional cuts, gouges, and scratches are inevitable. Where possible, avoid dragging, rolling or sliding potentially rough or sharp items, heavy equipment or pallets across your floor to prevent scratching and cutting.

Bottom Line
If you’re a homeowner or a facility manager, you want to keep your epoxy floor looking clean and beautiful, and performing at its best. The above simple care and maintenance tips will not only keep your floor looking pristine, but will also increase its durability and performance in the long haul.

Otherwise, if your epoxy floor has lost its spark, protective properties, and performance, our crew at Eason painting can help. Whether it is the floor in your garage or the warehouse in your shop, we can transform your concrete floor or worn out epoxy coating from an unattractive dirt and oil magnet into a chemical resistant, easy to clean durable finish. Contact us today for more details.


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