Hufflepuff: Painting Your Room As Your Harry Potter House in Romeo, MI

Since it got published back in the late 90s and got a movie adaptation in the early 00s, Harry Potter had taken everyone on a binding spell, making us fall in love with its magical world and the brave young people in it – even today’s generation of children will get to hear the story of Harry Potter.

One of the most remarkable references out of the franchise would be the houses: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff – and each of these houses possess a distinct set of traits and characteristics that you could be categorized in.

So, if you have taken the famous Sorting Hat test and found out that you’re a Hufflepuff at heart, well, we might have something that will make you spellbound with delight.

Here’s Hufflepuff: Painting Your Room As Your Harry Potter House in Romeo, MI.

1. Opt To Paint Your Room a Shade of Gold

Because the Hufflepuff house is recognized for its gold/yellow house color, you can create a Hufflepuff-inspired bedroom by painting your walls a magnificent gold shade.

Nothing shouts carefree and cheerful like gold/yellow, and these are two of the most noticeable characteristics of a Hufflepuff, so bathe and wrap your bedroom in the most beautiful shade of gold or yellow you can find.

However, keep in mind that gold/yellow can be powerful colors that can easily be too strong for the eyes – so carefully select a shade that will suit the lighting in your bedroom and looks great on the surface.

2. Add a Mural or Accent Wall

You could even go extremely creative and paint a Hufflepuff mural or accent wall in your Hufflepuff-inspired bedroom.

There are a lot of designs to choose from, such as having a simple black and gold accent wall to represent the Hufflepuff colors, painting the Hufflepuff sigil as your accent wall, or creating a majestic and intricate mural of the Hufflepuff house – the creative possibilities for your accent wall is just limitless, as long as you put your happy Hufflepuff heart into it.

Just make sure you carefully select which wall you paint it on, one that is not obscured by any tall furniture that may prevent you from enjoying it in all of its glory.

3. Play With Rustic Accents and Elements

Because Hufflepuffs are primarily portrayed as carefree, joyful, and comfortable people, you might want to enhance and kind of modernize your Hufflepuff-inspired dream bedroom by incorporating some rustic touches and elements in it.

You could put a wooden bookshelf next to your bed, install hanging wooden shelves for additional storage, or even decorate your table with a wooden, warm-lighted lamp and some decors for an aesthetically appealing touch.

Rustic features and pieces will merge beautifully with the black/gold colors, creating an ideal and perfect Hufflepuff sanctuary.

4. Find Black Bedsheets and Pillowcases

To complement the yellow/gold colors in your Hufflepuff-inspired bedroom, you might want to get black bedsheets and pillowcases to get that sleek and laid-back style.

A set of silky, black bedsheets and pillowcases will look fantastic against a yellow/gold wall, yet it will remain to look distinctly Hufflepuff, so it’ll be the perfect creative decision for you.

There are many different styles of bedsheets and pillowcases available online and in your local stores, so make sure you know the precise measurements of your bed so you can get the correct size.

5. Get Matching Curtains

Curtains are sometimes overlooked in interior design, but without them, a space could easily appear drab and mundane – which is why, when designing your Hufflepuff-inspired bedroom, you should pair it with matching curtains.

To keep with the Hufflepuff house’s motif, you may pick for gold/black curtains, but if you happen to discover another one that matches with your bedroom design and looks nice when set there, you can also go with it – the alternatives are endless with this one!

6. Finish It Off With Hufflepuff Items and Merchandise

Finally, to add the last touches of that Hufflepuff spirit, seek for Hufflepuff-inspired furniture to place throughout your bedroom.

Art pieces, framed quotations, Harry Potter products such as scarves and souvenirs, and many more will be suitable for decorating your bedroom – as long as they complement the rest of the theme, it’ll be a great addition.


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